Best outdoor kitchen ideas in 2017

Make it a full service kitchen.

You’ll want plumbing pipes and electrical wires for range and the sink to finish your total support kitchen, if you’d like a backyard kitchen beyond only a grill. This means you’ll have to dig up part and your yard of your home to run out the lines, that will cost extra. Plan your budget accordingly. You may make a smaller space feel like an indoor kitchen using a wall sconce; it will even help to hide your wiring and pipes.

Notion of modern outside summer kitchen that is small

You would like to adapt a backyard kitchen design that is modern and in case you’re fortunate to really have a garden, you are able to use with this purpose a corner of the patio. Modern kitchens were accompanying garden furniture supply you with the opportunity to cook while chewing the fat together with your partner while they perform outside or observing the children. Like garden parties that are arranging? In this situation, this was an ideal solution for you along with your garden. Having a kitchen was contemporary, the business of outdoor parties is much easier. You will be given the ability to cook while staying among buddies by this corner of the exterior.

Idea with island

Eventually, summer kitchens be concealed behind sliding doors in an area overlooking the garden or can be ordered in a wooden outdoor shed shed big enough. Locate all the examples for a backyard summer kitchen and contemporary aesthetic with all the pictures below!

BuiltIn Cook Space

This California house’s built-in cook that was concrete room was inspired with a Pinterest picture featuring the work of Dutch designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer of WWOO.


Amusing expert Lulu Powers dreamed for decades of a copper bar, but stressed it would turn green. Shelving with lacquer and treating the counter staves off weathering, and provides a glam areas for outside cocktail parties.

Chalkboard Wall

Therefore it might easily be moved, this freestanding outside kitchen unit, developed by the bloggers behind The Horticult, was built on wheels. A a huge chalk board wall is the right spot to write menus and to do lists.


In designer Bonnie Edelman’s Connecticut home, the stained oak ceiling of the pool kitchen pours heat over great stainless steel cabinets. A drop down alloy gate shields appliances from rainwater.

Kitchen countertop marble

Have a budget that is clear.

Creating a DIY outside kitchen can really cost anywhere from $1, 300 to $10, 000. You may start as small as an area that is a grill with a counter outdoor to grandiose as a pergola, complete with bar, sink, refrigerator and a counter. It merely boils right down to what outdoor kitchen thoughts suit budget and your preferences. Look at your financial situation and consider not just the budget of the build but additionally the money needed for upkeep of your outdoor kitchen that is new.