Best small vintage kitchen ideas in 2017

Scalloped Hood

How smart is this? A hood provides flavor that is sweet to the kitchen.

1920’s Historic Kitchen

The style of this kitchen was from the 1929’s. The elements were exquisitely made and using brown counter-tops made this kitchen more timeless.

Granite countertops Toronto

Homesick Accents

Singer songwriter Holly Williams outfitted the kitchen in her 1908 Nashville cottage with classic white subway tiles and copper accents reminiscent of French bistros. A ceiling gives the kitchen a country vibe, while its black paint occupation that is inky ups the room great factor. Soda shop stools in the 40s, located at an antiques mall, create a nostalgic spot to gather.

Brilliant and Cheery

Glass- front cabinets allow without eating up precious floor space, the owner of the New York dwelling to flaunt her prized plates, while shut ones below hide supplies. Panels a-DD refined texture.

Classic Tiny Kitchen

The floor of this kitchen is manufactured from Oregon white oak and the dining table consists of walnut. The array was a vintage locate on the internet. Do not you just love the traditional look but with a touch that is classic?

Classic Kitchen Stock

We believe you will undoubtedly love this kitchen. Superb retro! Coca-cola stuff, an old college jukebox, and classic signage completed the whole Retro/Vintage appearance.

Hardworking Kitchen Island

An abundance of dark grey cabinetry, lime-stone countertops, and stainless steel appliances a DD components that are luxe to the rough hewn kitchen of country star Ronnie Dunn’s Tennessee barn dwelling. One half of the kitchen island features a string of bins and baskets, to maximize storage; the other half h-AS an additional worksurface mounted to roll-away when not in use


Best small kitchen design ideas in 2017


Antiqued mirrored glass on cupboard doors enlarges the little kitchen in a Brooklyn townhouse decorated by Jonathan Berger. Granite countertops and backsplash in Imperial White are from E. Stone.

Room for Two

Reorganization of a couple of island design that is intelligent plus the footprint tweaks allowed for counter-height seats. Vibrant, stained cabinets and granite counters that are dark form a bold comparison with light porcelain floorings.


High style means high contrast in this Chicago kitchen quantifying only 105 square feet. Designer Summer Thornton establishes a tone that is sophisticated with white and black. Add classic treasures, and some mirrors — unexpectedly — a room sparkles.


In the kitchen of a Manhattan apartment by Philip Gorrivan, a ceiling as well as iridescent mosaic tiles lacquered in Benjamin Moore’s Oceanic Teal pick up a color from your wallpaper in the hallway. The Thonet barstools are by York Street Studio.


A trio of backless stools can slip under the counter to save space in this tight Alabama kitchen by Susan Ferrier. Their cream color blends in with all the island, unifying the room. “You don’t need the eye to stutter in a small space,” she says.


The kitchen in a Napa Valley ranch has open ledges instead of upper cupboards for an airy feel. Countertops and the ledges are galvanized metal, as well as the cabinetry is manufactured out of old fencing. Classic truck springs were located at Artefact Design & Salvage. Owner Ken Fulk and designer spotted the vintage industrial pendant lights at the Paris flea market.

Custom kitchen cabinets


Although his customers requested a bank of open shelving, designer Grant K. Gibson added a single ledge to their galley kitchen. “One ledge is easy and dynamic,” he says. “You must be able to conceal mess, and also this way, you can rotate your collections!”

Small Wonder

This homeowner, a top Realtor in your community, needed a small space that was unique to show off to her customers. That’s just what she got with the dark shoji-style cabinets and custom round butcher-block table on casters. Floating shelves, which help to open up the tiny kitchen flank the cooking range.

Best outdoor kitchen ideas in 2017

Make it a full service kitchen.

You’ll want plumbing pipes and electrical wires for range and the sink to finish your total support kitchen, if you’d like a backyard kitchen beyond only a grill. This means you’ll have to dig up part and your yard of your home to run out the lines, that will cost extra. Plan your budget accordingly. You may make a smaller space feel like an indoor kitchen using a wall sconce; it will even help to hide your wiring and pipes.

Notion of modern outside summer kitchen that is small

You would like to adapt a backyard kitchen design that is modern and in case you’re fortunate to really have a garden, you are able to use with this purpose a corner of the patio. Modern kitchens were accompanying garden furniture supply you with the opportunity to cook while chewing the fat together with your partner while they perform outside or observing the children. Like garden parties that are arranging? In this situation, this was an ideal solution for you along with your garden. Having a kitchen was contemporary, the business of outdoor parties is much easier. You will be given the ability to cook while staying among buddies by this corner of the exterior.

Idea with island

Eventually, summer kitchens be concealed behind sliding doors in an area overlooking the garden or can be ordered in a wooden outdoor shed shed big enough. Locate all the examples for a backyard summer kitchen and contemporary aesthetic with all the pictures below!

BuiltIn Cook Space

This California house’s built-in cook that was concrete room was inspired with a Pinterest picture featuring the work of Dutch designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer of WWOO.


Amusing expert Lulu Powers dreamed for decades of a copper bar, but stressed it would turn green. Shelving with lacquer and treating the counter staves off weathering, and provides a glam areas for outside cocktail parties.

Chalkboard Wall

Therefore it might easily be moved, this freestanding outside kitchen unit, developed by the bloggers behind The Horticult, was built on wheels. A a huge chalk board wall is the right spot to write menus and to do lists.


In designer Bonnie Edelman’s Connecticut home, the stained oak ceiling of the pool kitchen pours heat over great stainless steel cabinets. A drop down alloy gate shields appliances from rainwater.

Kitchen countertop marble

Have a budget that is clear.

Creating a DIY outside kitchen can really cost anywhere from $1, 300 to $10, 000. You may start as small as an area that is a grill with a counter outdoor to grandiose as a pergola, complete with bar, sink, refrigerator and a counter. It merely boils right down to what outdoor kitchen thoughts suit budget and your preferences. Look at your financial situation and consider not just the budget of the build but additionally the money needed for upkeep of your outdoor kitchen that is new.

Best kitchen ceiling lights ideas in 2017

Lights that are big

Large kitchens and light fixtures that are hefty go hand in hand. This kitchen, using its high ceilings and open floor plan, demands fixtures substantial enough to balance the space. Chandeliers with interlocking circles made hang above a couple of islands. In a space that is neutral, complex lights add detail needed seriously to keep the space intriguing.

Mix-and-Match Light Fixtures

Mixing and matching light fixtures creates an accumulated seem especially appropriate for an eclectic kitchen similar to this one. This kitchen looks like it evolved over time and combines the standard cabinetry and industrial pieces — such as metal seats and the light fixtures. The light fixtures seen here relate to every other while keeping together with the unfitted appearance of the historical house.

Small Pendant Lights

Stagger little light fixtures over the island to bring light to a broader region. The pendants seen here complement the open layout and country style of the kitchen without obstructing the view of the enchanting red plaid cloth inset in the cupboards or the comprehensive backsplash and range hood.

Layers of Light

Everything relating to this kitchen is conventional: the remarkable coffered ceiling, the dark hardwood floors, along with the painted white cabinetry. As an alternative to using recessed lights in each coffer, , semiflush fixtures that were modest were installed by the homeowner. Over the island a two-light chandelier adds another layer of lighting, while the wall of windows that are unadorned floods every inch of the space with even more light.

Spotlight Your Work Space

Kitchen light needs to be as functional as it truly is hip. Here, two wall-mount lights in a brushed- nickel finish fit in with all range and the alloy hood and illuminate the range and the prep area encircling it.

Practical Fixtures

The minimalist layout of these contemporary drum -style pendants operates nicely in quite a few settings. The fixtures are big enough to throw a lot of light on work surfaces, yet with soft edges and thin, white shades, they give an open and airy feel to the kitchen.

Staggered Pendant Light

Light leads into a kitchen’s general look and feel, as seen in this modern setting. Cylindrical pendants of changing diameters hang over the isle in a staggered design to offer fashionable function.

TV wall units

Glam Lighting

Some kitchens call for a little bit of sparkle. Here, a curvaceous lead crystal chandelier adds glamour and a bit of the unexpected to an otherwise subdued grey kitchen.